Protein Skimmers

  • 300 litre marine aquarium sump skimmer 500 litre marine aquarium sump skimmer

    Blue Marine Sump Skimmer

    Blue Marine Sump Skimmer The Blue Marine Skim 300, 500, 750 and 1250 are quality Sump Skimmers. This 2nd generation is equipped with the new Blue Marine Reef Power pumps with Needle Wheel rotor for optimum air intake, the level control is improved and...

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  • EHEIM Skim 350 Surface Skimmer Image

    EHEIM Surface Skimmer Skim 350

    EHEIM Skim350 - Micro Surface Skimmer For Freshwater & Marine Fish Tanks Aquatic Product of the Year in 2013 Most aquariums, over time, will form a film of microorganisms, dust, oils and food fat forms (a 'mould film'). This in turn can effect the gas...

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