• Bermuda Pond Cleaner

    Bermuda Pond Cleaner

    Bermuda Pond Cleaner - Portable Venturi Vacuum The Bermuda Pond Cleaner is a portable venturi effect vacuum that simply connects to your hose pipe (so no electrics cables or motor needed). Easy to use, once connected to the garden hosepipe,...

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  • Bermuda Pond Vac Bermuda Pond Vac boxed

    Bermuda Pondi Pond Vac - BER1055

    Bermuda Pondi Pond Vac The Bermuda Pondi Pond Vacuum is a 3 in 1 multi-purpose pond vac that has been designed to make cleaning your pond or water feature simple. The Pondi has a powerful 1400W motor that can quickly and effectively remove sludge,...

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