Fountain Pumps

  • Bermuda Fountain Pump 1000 LPH Bermuda Fountain Pump 2000 LPH

    Bermuda Pond Fountain Pump

    Bermuda Fountain Pump Bermuda Fountain pumps are compact and versatile and capable of creating decorative fountains, supplying water features or small filters. The larger 2000, 3000 & 4000 models can also supply water features or small filters as well...

    £26.99 - £79.95
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  • Hidom CP-1000F Pond Pump Image Hidom CP-1500F Pond Pump Image

    Hidom Pond Pump

    Hidom Fountain & Water Feature Pond Pump The Hidom fountain pumps are a high quality range suitable for running fountains, small waterfalls or water features in your pond or garden. Can be used (fully submersed) in large indoor marine or tropical...

    £25.45 - £30.45
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