Fish Disease - Treatment & Diagnosis

General Advice on Fish Disease & Health

1) Unsuitable water conditions are the underlying cause of most fish disease and health problems. Whenever a disease outbreak is suspected, it is worth checking the water parameters - ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, temperature and pH: Ensure these are within acceptable limits for the type of fish you keep. ALWAYS USE A QUALITY TEST KIT FOR BEST RESULTS. Also ensure that there is adequate filtration and that you are not overfeeding your fish or overcrowding them. Remember: adverse environmental conditions will stress your fish and make them prone to diseases. Various products are available for adjusting the water conditions (pH Buffers, blackwater tonics) to suit the fish you keep.

2) Prevention of fish disease is better than cure - whenever possible isolate newly purchased fish for 2 weeks in a quarantine aquarium. You can then monitor their health closely over this period, and treat any disease outbreaks accordingly.
Ensure quarantine facilities have adequate aeration and/or filtration.

Spotting Fish Disease

Study fish closely at each feeding as this is the easiest time to watch their behaviour when they are closest to the front of the aquarium. Which ever type of fish you keep, there are certain signs which are common in all good healthy fish. The fish should appear lively with alert and attentive eyes, be well fed, free from unnatural marks or spots and should have good strong finnage. The normal respiratory range of a healthy fish kept at 24°C (76°F), as measured for just one gill - plate, is 60 - 80 gill beats per minute for tropical freshwater and 50 -60 beats for coldwater species. This parameter is as an important indicator of a fish's general state of health to a skilled aquarist as a human pulse is to a doctor. If a disease should occur, please be assured that the vast majority are curable. Years of research and development has ensured the continued brand leading success of Waterlife medications.

To view a Fish Disease diagnosis chart please select below.

mini-diseasechart-tropical.gifAquarium Fish Disease Diagnosis Chart

minidiseasechart-marine.gifMarine Fish Disease Diagnosis Chart

mini-diseasechartcoldwater.gifPond Fish Disease Diagnosis Chart