Tropical Aquarium Fish Disease Diagnosis Chart

The following chart of Tropical Fish Diseases has been designed to help you diagnose fish illnesses and we have added links to waterlife products that will help treat the problem. Please be aware that nearly all fish diseases are a symptom and you must correct the cause of the problem. This usually means correcting poor water quality, but other causes such as over crowding or aggressive fish are also causes of fish disease.


Tropical Fish Disease Diagnosis Chart




List of tropical aquarium fish diseases and recommmended waterlife treatment.

Anchor Worm - 

Argulus or Fish Louse

Body Flukes - Waterlife Sterazin Aquarium Treatment

Cloudy Eyes, Bulging Eyes - Waterlife Myxazin Aquarium Treatment

Costia - Waterlife Protozin Aquarium Treatment

Dropsy - Waterlife Octozin Tablets Aquarium Treatment

Eye Fluke - Waterlife Sterazin Aquarium Treatment

Fin Rot - Waterlife Myxazin Aquarium Treatment

Fins Haemoraging - Waterlife Myxazin Aquarium Treatment

Fungus - Waterlife Protozin 100ml - Aquarium

Gill Flukes Waterlife Sterazin Aquarium Treatment

Hole-in-the-head - Waterlife Octozin Tablets Aquarium Treatment

Ichthyophthinus Multifillis (White Spot) - Waterlife Protozin 100ml - Aquarium

Intestinal Worms - Waterlife Myxazin Aquarium Treatment


Malawi Bloat - Waterlife Octozin Tablets Aquarium Treatment

Mouth Fungus - Waterlife Myxazin Aquarium Treatment


Trichodina - Waterlife Protozin 100ml - Aquarium

Ulcers & Open Wounds - Waterlife Myxazin Aquarium Treatment

Velvet or Oodinium - Waterlife Protozin 100ml - Aquarium

White Spot - Protozin - Waterlife Protozin 100ml - Aquarium

Kettering Koi & Ponds Ltd. offer this guide and chart as a diagnosis tool for aquarium fish diseases. It is shown to aid customers in this area. We do not accept any liability for loss and cannot guarantee sucessfull treatment. If you need further assistance we advise you contact a veteriniarian.