Jebao 402 External Aquarium Filter

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Jebao 402 One Touch External Canister Filters 1000 LPH 2 Filter trays - Suits Aquarium 60 - 100cm

Highly efficient filtration system for faster breakdown of harmful substances. Mechanical and biological filtraion capable of absorbing harmful chemicals

Ideal for individual filter medium such as activated carbon, ceramic rings, peat etc to suit your fish's particular needs.

  • Suitable for freshwater(coldwater or tropical) & marine aquariums 60 - 100cm
  • Powerful 1000 LPH pump
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Filter baskets
  • Fine poly pad media included, carbon & ceramic can be purchased separately
  • Easy to remove filtration baskets
  • Hoses & fittings included
  • Easy to prime - Push button on top of filter
  • Shut off taps on inlet and outlet
  • Approx 1.6m of cable with fitted UK 3 pin plug
  • Low running costs

Dimensions Approx: 1000 LPH: 220mm x 220mm x 290mm(H)

Package Includes:

External Filters
Tubing, Spray Bar and fixings
2 x Filter Baskets
2 x 4ft Hose (intake & Ouput)


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