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Fish Treatments

  • Aqua Professional Formalin Image Aqua Professional Formalin - Pond Treatment

    Aqua Professional Formalin - Pond Treatment

    Aqua Professional Formalin – Advanced Parasite Treatment This product is effective against White spot, flukes and slime disease. The symptoms of these include flicking against rocks or the bottom of the pond, gasping at the surface, cloudy eyes,...

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  • Blagdon Anti Ulcer Image

    Blagdon Anti Ulcer Pond Treatment

    Use to treat internal bacterial diseases. Symptoms: Ulcer sores, Pop Eye (swollen eye), Dropsy (swollen body, pine cone appearance), Hollow belly, Gill Rot (fish gasping), unexplained fish deaths. 250ml treats 2,273 litres (500 gals) 500ml treats 4,546...

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  • Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer Group Image Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer 1 Image

    Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer

    Cloverleaf Bacterial Answer - General Treatment for Bacterial Infections This general treatment covers bacterial infections. It is Bacteria which causes fish ulcers (open sores red looking generally on body of fish) and fin and tail rot (blood...

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  • Kusuri Anti-Bac 100ml Image

    Kusuri Anti-Bac 100ml

    A product based on highly effective Iodine, Kusuri Anti-Bac Ulcer Treatment treatment will penetrate any wound taking the active Iodine with it.Other water-based products will just wash off, but this alcohol based product is absorbed into the surface...

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  • Waterlife Myxazin P Pond Treatment Image

    Waterlife Myxazin P - Pond Fish Treatment

    Waterlife Myxazin P- broad spectrum bactericide treatment for pond fish Myxazin P is used as a broad spectrum bactericide for Fin Rot, Body Rot, ulcers, wounds, abrasions, sores, raised veins, blood streaks, "redness", Pop Eye, Cloudy Eye and other...

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