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Tetra Food

Tetra Pond Food Sticks & Fish Pellets

Tetra is the UK’s number one selling brand of pond fish food. Their range includes food sticks for Goldfish, Koi and Sturgeon as well specially formulated foods to help increase growth and colour.

Based in Germany Tetra have been manufacturing and developing fish food for over 50 years and they are the undisputed market leaders in this area.

Tetra Pond Food Range Includes:

  • Tetra Pond Sticks are a staple floating food suitable for most fish.
  • Tetra Pond Pellets a daily diet in a floating pellet.
  • Tetra Variety Sticks are a convenient mix of many types of tetra sticks.
  • Tetra Koi Stick formulated specifically to give Koi Carp a healthy diet with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to keep them in top condition.
  • Tetra Pond Wheatgerm specially formulated for cold weather feeding.
  • Tetra Pond Flake for smaller pond fish including Goldfish and Orfe.
  • Tetra Koi Colour & Growth Stick are rich in highly digestible protein to give Koi better colour and high growth rates.
  • Tetra Pond Sterlet Sticks are a complete rapidly sinking food stick formulated specially for Sterlets and Sturgen.