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Pond Treatments

  • algae free feature kit image

    Algae Free Water Feature-Kit 16 Tablets

    Nishikoi Feature- Kit (16 Tablets) - Effective Algae & Green Water Treatment For Water Features The fantastic quick action Feature-Kit starts to work immediately on green water and algae, creating a sparkling water feature. The tablets can be used...

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  • api pond quickstart image

    API Pond Quick Start Koi Fish Pond Water Treatment

    Quick Start is a culture of live, nitrifying bacteria which immediately starts the biological filter. Ideal for starting new ponds and re-establishing existing ponds in the spring Limits toxic ammonia and nitrite. Promotes healthy environment for fish...

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  • Aqua Professional Formalin Image Aqua Professional Formalin - Pond Treatment

    Aqua Professional Formalin - Pond Treatment

    Aqua Professional Formalin – Advanced Parasite Treatment This product is effective against White spot, flukes and slime disease. The symptoms of these include flicking against rocks or the bottom of the pond, gasping at the surface, cloudy eyes,...

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  • Bermuda Blanketweed Treatment 500ml

    Bermuda Crystal Clear Fountain 385g Water feature treatment for use on resin, stone, metal and concrete water features. Bermuda Crystal Fountain Clear is a long lasting product that keeps garden water features clear of algae and unsightly, dirty and...

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  • Bermuda Greenwater Treatment

    Bermuda Greenwater Treatment

    Bermuda Green Water Treatment For Ponds Controls Green Water Problems Bermuda Greenwater treatment should be used when the pond water becomes green, pea soup in appearance. It acts by clumping together the algae causing it to sink out of suspension or...

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  • Bermuda Pond Salt 2kg - BER920

    Bermuda Pond Salt 2kg - Treats 2000 litres Pond salt is a great tonic for the water in treating sick fish, buffering pH, and as a preventative measure. Features: General pond tonic Buffer pH Supportive when treating disease Treats 2000 litres/ 440...

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  • Bermuda Pond Sludge Bomb

    Bermuda Pond Sludge Bomb - Clears Water Digests Waste Bermuda Pond Sludge Bomb helps to achieve crystal clear water and digest sludge in ponds and water features. It is also effective at converting toxic ammonia and nitrite. For Best Results simply drop...

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  • Bermuda Pond Sludge Treatment

    Bermuda Pond Sludge Treatment

    Bermuda Pond Sludge Treatment for Ponds A layer of sludge will build up at the bottom of most ponds caused by decomposing organic matter and fish waste. This sludge can harbour harmful fish pathogens and can make the water cloudy. Use Bermuda Pond...

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  • Blagdon Anti Ulcer Image

    Blagdon Anti Ulcer Pond Treatment

    Use to treat internal bacterial diseases. Symptoms: Ulcer sores, Pop Eye (swollen eye), Dropsy (swollen body, pine cone appearance), Hollow belly, Gill Rot (fish gasping), unexplained fish deaths. 250ml treats 2,273 litres (500 gals) 500ml treats 4,546...

    £10.20 - £16.95
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