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Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers help give your water glass like clarity.

Pond skimmers work by drawing water from the surface of the pond into some form of strainer that separates floating debris from water. Correctly installed and in combination with a suitably sized filter your pond water should acquire a glass like clarity that gives a sparkle to the pond.

There are basically two types of in pond surface skimmers, those that are sited on the floor of the pond and those that float.

Floating Pond Skimmer’s: These have their own integral pump and can be placed anywhere in the pond. We can supply models from Bermuda, Jebao and Velda.

Floor Standing Pond Skimmer’s: This type of unit sit on the base of the pond but this means it can only be place in certain depths of water, generally around 600mm – 800mm. These skimmers are usually cheaper than floating skimmers because they don’t have an integeral pump so have to be run of an existing unit. 

Benefits of fitting a Pond Skimmer

  • Keeps the surface clear of leaves.
  • Removes surface debris.
  • Helps reduce the build of sludge creating organic matter.
  • Reduces the biological load on the main filter.