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Hozelock Pond Air Pump

Hozelock manufacture a range of high quality pond air pumps that come supplied with air line and air stones. It is a good idea to use additional aeration not only in the pond but also in the filter unit (gravity filters only). Additional aeration in the filter will allow more aerobic bacteria to colonize it making it that much more efficient. Extra air in the pond will help on hot humid nights when the risk of low oxygen levels could lead to fish deaths.

Guide to Hozelock Air Pump performance


  • hozelock 4500 air pump image

    Hozelock 4500 Pond Air Pump

    Adding oxygen into a fishpond is very important for fish health, particularly in densely stocked ponds and in the summer months when oxygen levels decline.  Air pumps can also be used to circulate water and help prevent the pond from freezing in...

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