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Hikari Pond Fish Food

Hikari & Saki-Hikari Pond Food For High Quality Koi

Hikari is the brand name of Japan’s best selling Koi fish food manufactured by the Kyorin Company, part of the Kamihata Fish Industry Group. Hikari food is recognised by Koi keepers the world over as being the best. The 2013 All Japan Grand Champion Koi was fed on Saki-Hikari as were all the winners of this prestigious show since 2003. This is an outstanding achievement and emphasises the claim that Hikari food is fit for champions.

Hikari Pond Food Range includes:

  • Hikari Friend is an economical daily diet.
  • Hikari Staple diet for strong and consistent growth.
  • Hikari Gold colour enhancing growth food.
  • Hikari Wheat-Germ, easily digested winter pellet.
  • Hikari Silkworm supplementary high temperature growth food
  • Saki-Hikari premium quality probiotic pellet range for feeding show grade champion Koi.