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Fish Food

Marine fish species have a wide range of feeding methods: some prefer live food, others are vegetarian, some are big eaters, others are shy nervous eaters, some like to feed all day, so you will need to feed them little and often, and some will space their meals out.

Hikari and Tetra have developed marine foods that meet the dietary requirements of different Marine fish.  Hikari have a Seaweed range for vegetarian fish, and composing of 67% seaweed is similar to what the fish would be eating in their natural habitat.  Tetra have a premium quality crisp with the essential nutrients required.

Saltwater live foods such as brine shrimp can be purchased in egg form and hatched yourself to provide a nutritious treat, especially for filter-feeding invertebrates.  Our range of brine shrimp is included in Tropical Aquarium Fish Food

The Golden Rule is NEVER OVER-FEED! And because of the different feeding methods of species, it is important to supervise the feeding until you have seen all the fish take food.  It is equally important to remove uneaten food immediately after all the fish have fed.