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Filter Media & Foams

All external and internal aquarium filters will need maintaining and the foams and media inside will need regular cleaning and occasionally replacing.

The length of time between cleaning and replacement will depend on your own aquarium, fish stock levels, type of fish kept and planting as these all play a part in how much waste your tank produces.

It is important to remember a few key rules however when maintaining the media:

1. Never use chemicals, soap or detergent for cleaning things that are going back into the tank

2. Only ever use aquarium water to rinse media (or you will kill the good bacteria that have established)

3. If you need to replace the foams or sponges, only change half the media at a time (if possible) so that you do not lose all the beneficial bacteria.

We stock replacement media and foams for the BiOrbs (also fit BiUbes), Interpet, Fluval, Superfish Aqua Pro and Aqua Flow, Tetra, API Nexx, Juwel and many more.