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Filter & Fountain Pumps

  • Bermuda Fountain Pump Group Image Bermuda Fountain Pump Image

    Bermuda Pond Fountain Pump

    The 2018 Bermuda Fountain Pump Range Bermuda Fountain pumps are compact and versatile and capable of creating decorative fountains, supplying water features or small filters. The larger 2000, 3000 & 4000 models can also supply water features or small...

    £34.95 - £89.95
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  • Cloverleaf CHJ Fountain Filter Pump Range Image Cloverleaf CHJ Fountain Filter Pump 1 Image

    Cloverleaf CHJ Filter Fountain Pumps

    Cloverleaf CHJ Submersible Fountain or Filter Pump - Suitable for Fountains & Filter/Waterfall The new CHJ range of fountain or filter pond pumps from Cloverleaf are low maintenance, low energy consumption and durable. They are suitable for both...

    £99.00 - £119.00
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  • Cloverleaf Fountain Pond Pump Image Cloverleaf Fountain Pond Pump 1843 Image

    Cloverleaf Fountain Pond Pump

    Cloverleaf HJ-1843 Submersible Fountain Pump - Suitable for Water Features/ Pond Fountains The new HJ range of water feature / fountain pond pumps from Cloverleaf are low maintenance and durable. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The...

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  • Fish Mate fountain group image Fish MAte Pre2013 1800 image

    Fish Mate Fountain Pump

    Fish Mate Small Fountain Pump These small solids handling pond pumps are supplied with 4 easily cleaned fountain heads. These pumps are better suited to power water features or a fountain and comes with 4 attachments for this purpose. Fish Mate solids...

    £39.79 - £44.95
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  • Hidom CP-1000F Pond Pump Image Hidom CP-1500F Pond Pump Image

    Hidom Pond Pump

    Hidom Fountain & Water Feature Pond Pump The Hidom fountain pumps are a high quality range suitable for running fountains, small waterfalls or water features in your pond or garden. Can be used (fully submersed) in large indoor marine or tropical...

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  • Hozelock Cascade 700 Pump Image Hozelock Cascade 700 Pump Unboxed Image

    Hozelock Cascade 700 Pond Pump

    Hozelock Cascade 700 Pond Pump Designed for maximum versatility, the Hozelock Cascade Fountain & Feature Pump is the best selling pond pump in the UK. It features a resetting thermal cut out, preventing damage to the pump should it become blocked...

    MSRP: £69.99
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  • SF Eco FLow Pump Group Image SF Eco FLow Pump 3000 Image

    Superfish Pond Flow Eco Pump

    Superfish Pond Flow Eco Range - Multipurpose Pump Pond Flow Eco energy saving multi purpose pond pump, suitable for use as a fountain, waterfall or filter pump. The Superfish Pond Flow Eco includes two different spray heads: a fountain nozzle and a...

    £34.99 - £63.99
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  • Superfish Pump & Air Kit 1000 Image

    Superfish Pump & Air Kit 1000 Pump

    Superfish Pond Flow 1000 & Mini Airpump Kit Superfish have out together this handy kit for smaller ponds, which require oxygenating. The kit includes: Pond Flow 1000 Pump - see below Air Flow Mini Airpump Kit - see below Pond Flow 1000 Pump...

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