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Coldwater Food

We stock a range of fish foods suitable for coldwater fish kept in either an aquarium fish tank, or in ornamental ponds, from Tetra, Aquarian and Hikari, the leading manufacturers of fish food.

For our range of foods suitable for pond fish click here Pond Fish Food

  • Aquarian Fish Flake 1 Image Aquarian Fish Flake 200g Image

    Aquarian Goldfish Flake Aquarium Fish Food

    AQUARIAN Goldfish Flakes are a Complete Food For Your Goldfish & Fancy Goldfish AQUARIAN Goldfish Flakes are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain natural colour enhancers for goldfish and fancy goldfish.. Aquarian goldfish foods are a...

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  • Tetra Gold Goldfish Growth Food 113G Image

    Tetra Gold Goldfish Growth Food 113G

    Tetra Goldfish Growth Food 113g  Nutritionally Balenced Premium Food for all goldfishTetra Goldfish Gold Growth FeaturesHigh quality proteins to promote growth and imporove fish condition.Essential fibres and special ingredients ensure high...

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  • Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour Image

    Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour Food 75G - Granules

    Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour 75g/250ml Granule Food Supreme Quality Granule Food for all Goldfish. Enhances Colouration Features: carotenoids, spirulina algae and other colour enhancers ensure excellent colouration with Tetra's usual Clean and...

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  • Tetra Goldfish Gold Exotic Food  80G - Granules Image

    Tetra Goldfish Gold Exotic Food 80G - Granules

    Tetra Goldfish Gold Exotic Premium food for all goldfish. Rich in quality vegetable ingredients and wheatgerm which precisely meet the natural feeding requirements of goldfish. With Clean and Clear Water Formula plus patented Active Formula* to support a...

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  • Tetrafin Gold Japan Sinking Mini-Stick 145g

    Tetra Gold Japan Sinking Mini-Stick 145g  Premium food specifically formulated for fancy goldfish , such as Black Moors, Orandas, Lionheads, and Fantails Low waste for clear, healthy water Feeding guide Feed 2 - 3 times a day, only feeding...

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