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  • bermuda pond gloves image

    Bermuda Pond Gloves x Pair

    Bermuda Pond Gloves - One Size (Blue sleeve/Black glove) The Bermuda Pond gloves are strong and durable to withstand any amount of pond cleaning. The gloves are also ideal for working in and around the garden when full arm protection is needed, or for...

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  • Jebao Skimmer Foam SK30 Image

    Jebao Foam For SK-30 Skimmer

    Jebao SK-30 Skimmer Replacement Foam Jebao skimmer foam sponge to fit the SK-30 skimmer. Over time the filter media sponge will become clogged with dirt and debris past the point of being able to clean it out, or it may tear. Dimensions: 14.5cm...

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  • Jebao SK-30 Impeller Image

    Jebao Impeller For SK-30 Skimmer

    Jebao SK-30 Floating Pond Skimmer Replacement Impeller Rotor The Jebao pond skimmer replacement impeller will give your pump a new lease of life, over time they are become worn or covered in limescale if not kept clean. Impeller fits the SK-30 Skimmer...

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  • Superfish Pond Vac Image

    Superfish Pond Vacuum Vac Cleaner

    Superfish Pond Vac Vacuum Cleaner The Superfish Pond Vac is a compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner, allowing you to both clean the pond and dispose of the waste. Use the pond vac weekly to do a necessary water change, while vacuuming the debris from the...

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