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Breeding Equipment

Fish Breeding Boxes are mainly used to stop live bearing tropical fish such as Guppies, Platys and Swordtails from eating their newly born fry. They can also be used to separate a fish if it is being bullied or as a temporary home for male Siamese Fighting Fish.

There are several types of breeding box on the market from simple nets, plastic hatchery traps and the more refined air operated breeding boxes.

  • Hidom Breeding Box Image Hidom Breeding Box BX001 Image

    Hidom Breeding Box Fish Hatchery

    Hidom Floating Breeding Traps - For Isolating Fish or Pregnant Livebearers Suitable for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums These breeding traps are great for fish to breed in, isolating agressive (e.g betta splendens) or weak/injured fish or for pregnant...

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  • Interpet Liquifry No 3 Baby Plus Growth Food-Image

    Liquifry No 3 Baby Fish Growth Food

    Interpet Liquifry No 3 Baby Food For All Baby Fish 50g Liquifry Baby Plus is a special growth feed for all baby fish fry. Having initially fed Liquifry No 1 or No 2, larger fry should be weaned onto the Baby Plus food. The micro flake food is rich in...

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  • Aquarium Fish Betta Box Image

    Superfish Aquarium Betta Box Fighter Fish Display

    Superfish Betta Box - 4 Compartment Display Case For Siamese Fighting Fish Betta Splendens Male Siamese Fighting Fish or to use their scientific name Betta splendens are extremely aggressive towards other males fighters. When in close proximity to each...

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