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Our range of Aquarium products includes air pumps, filters, fish foods, heaters and treatments from market leading aquarium brands including Aquarian, Fluval, Hidom, Hikari, Interpet, Jebao, Tetra, TMC. 


  • 12mm Spray Bar with End Cap Image

    12mm Spray Bar With End Cap

    12mm Green Spray Bar with End Cap Fits 12mm flexible filter hose pipe. Fits Eheim Fluval and all other makes of filter that use 12mm flexible hose filters. Used to direct filtered water to any area of the aquarium. Simply attach hose to the spray bar...

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  • 4mm Black Aquarium Airline x 30m

    PVC airline is suitable for aquarium or pond air supplies that have standard 4mm outlets and fittings. Black airline is especially suitable for use in garden pond installations. It will not receive a growth of algae on the inside walls, this algae build...

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  • Anubias barteri Var.Nana 5cm Pot

    Anubias barteri var.nana 5cm Pot Hardy, medium height, slow-growing plant with a beautiful deep green colour. The rootstock must be kept above the substrate, and does well rooted onto wood, ornaments and also 3D backgrounds. Suitable for warmer...

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  • Anubias congensis 5cm Pot

    Anubias congensis 5cm Pot A hardy, medium sized plant with leather like dark green leaves. Anubias species need little light and fertilizer and can be used in aquariums with high water temperatures. For a healthy growth rate, the rhizome must be...

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  • Anubias nana 5cm Pot

    Anubias nana 5cm Pot Very hardy, slow-growing plant with a deep green colour. It can be easily grown on wood, stone and 3D backgrounds. The rootstock must be kept above the substrate. Suitable for Discus aquariums and paludaria. Tank...

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  • Anubias nana bonzai 5cm Pot

    Anubias nana bonzai 5cm Pot The smallest Anubias in our range, with it’s compact, dark green leaves it is perfectly suited for use as a foreground plant. Also suitable for smaller and nano aquaria, it thrives when grafted onto ornaments...

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