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Water Treatments

Aquarium additives will adjust water parameters to give your fish the ideal conditions they need to thrive in. There are basic additives which all fish keepers should hold in stock, for example a dechlorinator and a general tonic such as salt.  We stock a huge range of additives and treatments from API, Interpet, Tetra, Seachem, NT LAbs, Waterlife and Superfish.

Other additives will be required once you have tested your water parameters and found something that needs adjusting, for example Nitrate minus or PH adjuster.  For our range of test kits please click here Aquarium Test Kits

Treatments will help cure fish when they get sick.  The more common diseases like white spot and fungus are easily identifiable and treated if spotted and dealt with quickly.  It is important to try and identify the problem before you treat it and when in doubt our help sheet on disease should be referred to: Tropical Aquarium Fish Disease Diagnosis Chart

  • API Stress Zyme Group Image API Stress Zyme 473ml Image

    API Stress Zyme Aquarium Treatment

    Stress Zyme Contains live bacteria to consume sludge and reduce aquarium maintenance Benefits: Keeps aquariums clean Improves biological filter Follow API Easy Care Guide and use Stress Zyme: Weekly as part of Regular Care to reduce...

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  • Brightwell Aquatics Calcion - Image 1

    Brightwell Aquatics Calcion

    Brightwell Aquatics Calcion - 500ml Calcium is one of the most prevalent ions in seawater, and is required for the formation of aragonite, the skeletal material of reef-building invertebrates such as corals, clams, tube worms, and their respective...

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  • Brightwell Microbacter 7 - Group Image Brightwell Microbacter 7 - Image 1

    Brightwell Microbacter 7

    Brightwell Microbacter7 - 250/500ml *Please select the required size from the menu A complete Bio culture for establishing Biological Filtration and rapidly improving water quality in all marine and freshwater aquaria Complex system of non-pathogenic...

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  • Continuum Bactergen MD Image

    Continuum Bactergen MD Marine Treatment 250ml

    Continuum BACTERGEN MD 250ml - For Denitration in Marine & Reef Systems The Continuum advantage BacterGen•MD is a breakthrough in microbial cultures and is specifically designed to establish anaerobic bacteria populations in denitrators and...

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  • Continuum Reef Basis KH Alkalinity Buffer 250g Image

    Continuum Reef Basis KH Alkalinity Buffer 250g

    Continuum Reef Basis KH Alkalinity Buffer 250g - pH & KH Marine Aquarium Tanks   The Continuum Advantage Reef Basis KH Buffer is a high quality, multi-component blended true buffering system designed to raise the alkalinity or buffering capacity...

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  • Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Balls x 50

    Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Balls x 50

    Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium is a Natural Bacterial Treatment For Crystal Clear Water in all Fresh Water Aquariums. Inside every ball there are millions of live bacteria and enzymes. Once added to your aquarium, the bacteria and enzymes inside each ball...

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  • Interpet 125ml Ammonia Remover Image

    Interpet Ammonia Remover 125ml

    Interpet Aquarium Ammonia Remover - 125ml Suitable for Freshwater or Marine - 125 ml Removes up to 3mg/l of Ammonia from 568 Litres (110 Gallons) Interpet Ammonia Remover takes out harmful ammonia and chloramine in freshwater and marine fish tanks...

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