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Planting Equipment

If you choose to use real plants in your aquarium then they will need caring for, just as you would spend time caring for the plants in your garden, to enable them to grow strong and remain healthy.

There are some really good products on the market to help you with this, including Tetra's CO2 Optimat, or Colombo CO2 Flora-Grow, which enrich the tank water with CO2 to help the plants develop strongly.

Tetra also manufacture a substrate which is placed just beneath the gravel to give the plants the nutrients they need and act as a long term plant fertiliser, or there are liquid fertilisers, which are easy to administer and promote lush healthy plant growth.

  • Flora-Grow Co2 Nano 50 Replacement Cylinder Image

    Flora-Grow Co2 Nano 50 Replacement Cylinder

    Colombo Flora-Grow Co2 Nano 50 Replacement Cylinder - Aquarium Plant Growth3 Replacement bottles for the Colombo Flora-Grow CO2 Set Nano.Each bottle contains 16g of CO2 and bottles are disposable once exhausted.

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  • Flora-Grow Co2 Set Image

    Flora-Grow Co2 Set

    Flora-Grow Co2 Set For Healthy Aquarium Plant GrowthColombo Flora-Grow CO2 SetSuitable for Fresh Water Tropical & Coldwater Aquariums upto 100 litresThe Colombo Flor-Grow Set provides aquatic plants with the vital nutrient, CO2, easily and...

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  • Tetra Complete Plant Substrate Image

    Tetra Complete Substrate - Aquarium Plant Fertiliser

    Tetraplant Complete Substrate - Aquarium Plant Fertiliser TetraPlant CompleteSubstrate is a specially formulate substrate for creating an ideal environment for aquatic plants. It contains a blend of ingredients that provide long term fertilisation, and...

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  • Tetra Plant CO2 Optimat Set Image

    Tetra Plant CO2 Optimat Set

    Tetra Plant Co2 Optimat  The TetraPlant CO2 Optimat provides an economical and controlled way to enrich the water with carbon dioxideIt is simple to install and refills are available. The in-tank dispenser is simply filled with CO2 from the canister...

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  • Tetra Plantamin Liquid Fertiler 100ml Image

    Tetra Plantamin Liquid Fertiler 100ml

    Tetra PlantaMin 100ml - Aquarium Liquid Plant Fertiliser  Tetra PlantaMin Promotes Lush, Healthy Plant Growth.Healthy and strong aquatic plants not only look attractive but they also help to maintain the biological balence in the aquarium.Tetra...

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