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Aquariums & Tanks

Aquarium fish keeping has come a long way over the years and tanks now come in a range of different shapes and sizes, to suit all modern homes and decor. 

Long gone are the plain glass tanks, to be replaced by the spherical or rectangular acrylic BiOrbs where you get everything you need in one box (just add water and fish!).  TMC manufacture a range of small tanks that come with a little light and cover, just perfect for an office, kitchen or bedroom where space is limited.

And then there are the childrens tanks designed to keep the young fish keeper interested with stickers, characters from childrens movies and cute fun backgrounds.

  • Hagen Large Pals Pen Image

    Hagen Small Pals Pen Extra Large 12.57 Litre

    Hagen Extra Large Small Pals Pen Insects Animal Fish Reptile Small Pals Pens can function as a pet carrier, aquarium, terrarium, small animal pen, or as a nursery. Aproximate Dimensions 40cm Long x 22cm Wide x 26cm High (including lid) Aproximate Volume...

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  • Hidom Mini Desktop Fish Tank Image Hidom Mini Desktop Fish Tank Night Mode Image

    Hidom Mini Aquarium 10 Litre Fish Tank

    All in One 10 Litre Mini Desktop Acrylic Fish Tank - Complete with Pump, Filter and LED Light Brighten up your office with this all in one mini aquarium. This superb mini aquarium is made from super transparent tough acrylic and comes with a 2 mode...

    £61.27 £34.95
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  • Superfish Cascade 4 Tank Image Superfish Cascade 4 White Tank Image

    Superfish Cascade Mini Aquarium

    Superfish Cascade 4 All In One Mini Fish Tank The Superfish Cascade 4 Fish Tank is a mini desktop panoramic shaped aquarium which can be placed anywhere in your home to add decoration and style. It is complete and includes everything you will need to...

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  • Tetra Cascade Globe Image Tetra Cascade Globe Boxed Image

    Tetra Cascade Globe Glass Tank Led Light (Black)

    Tetra Cascade Glass Globe Aquarium 6.8L Fish Tank Black Edition With incorporated LED lighting and filter The Tetra Mini Cascade Glass Globe is the perfect way to display the beauty of fish, shrimp and plants. It can be enjoyed anywhere in your...

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  • TMC Micro Habitat 8 Standard Image

    TMC Micro Habitat Aquarium Standard 8 Litre Tank

    The TMC AquaGrow Micro Habitat 8 is perfect for small planted aquascapes and miniature ornamental freshwater shrimps such as bee shrimps and crystal shrimps.Built-in filtration system and integral pump with multi-directional outlet ensures optimum water...

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  • TMC Micro Habitat 30 Marine Image

    TMC Micro Habitat Marine Aquarium 30 Litre Tank

    TMC Aqua Micro Habitat 30 provides an excellent introduction into the exciting and enthralling hobby of marine reefkeeping.TMC Aqua Micro Habitat 30 ia a feature packed, plug-and-play marine set up perfect for small reef aquascapes, miniature corals,...

    £249.99 £224.99
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