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Fish Food

There is a huge range of fish foods on offer for all types of fish, coldwater, tropical, marine, reef, invertebrates, egg layers, baby fry etc and each one will be specifically developed with the type of fish in mind.

Vitamins and mineral content is more important for some types of fish, whilst whether they sink or not (e.g for bottom feeders) will be more important for others.  Some algae wafers for example have a unique shape to make it easier for bottom feeders with down turned mouths to eat.  Brine shrimp is excellent for rearing baby fry.

We stock pellets, flakes, granules, brine shrimp eggs, special cichlid sticks etc to name but a few from Tetra, Aquarian, Hikari and NT Labs.

Whatever type of fish you keep it is important to cater to their needs to ensure they remain healthy and strong, and this may involve feeding different types of food to your fish

When you are on holiday there are either holiday blocks available, that slowly release food into the water, or you can purchase an automatic fish feeder to save having to ask friends or neighbours to pop in.