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Aquarium filters are an essential piece of equipment for your aquarium or fish tank as this is the only way waste products can be removed from the water.  The right filtration will ensure your tank stays clean, clear and healthy, and this is important for not only tropical and marine fish, but also for coldwater aquariums.

There are three types of filtrations: mechanical, whereby dirty water passes through the filter media and debris is removed; biological, whereby good bacteria live in the filter media and breakdown toxic ammonia and nitrite; and chemical, whereby using special activated media such as carbon will filter out other toxic substances, water discolouration or medicine treatments.

Filters are often relied upon to help oxygenate the water too which is vital for fish health.

We stock an extensive range of aquarium filters from the industries leading manufacturers and suppliers such as Hidom, Fluval, Interpet, Tetra, API Nexx and Superfish.

External cannister filters such as the Aqua Pro and Jebao or even the Nexx filter which grows with your aquarium, maximise the space inside your tank, or choose an internal filter with simple, easy change media cartridges.  There is even a range of novelty waterfall filters, whichever suits your requirements the best.