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We supply a range of aquarium cleaning equipment including algae magnets for cleaning glass and acrylic, fish tank syphons and aquarium gravel cleaners for removing dirt and debris from the gravel. Finally there is the Python no spill gravel cleaner that will not only clean the gravel but do a water change at the same time.

  • Fluval Aquavac Plus Cleaner Group Image Fluval Aquavac Plus Cleaner Unboxed Image

    Fluval Aquavac Plus Gravel Cleaner

    Fluval Aqua Vac+ Water Changer and Gravel Cleaner in One Ideal for super quick and effective cleaning, the cordless Aqua vac plus offers a convenient battery-powered operation and replaceable filters to reduce and simplify maintenance time. With its...

    £3.49 - £7.95
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  • Fluval PRO VAC Gravel Cleaner - 11077

    Fluval ProVac - Powered Aquarium Gravel Cleaner As the flagship model from Fluval's expansive substrate cleaning series, Fluval ProVac offers consistent, powered suction to remove dirt and debris in a flash. The quick-release cartridge design houses a...

    MSRP: £79.99
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  • Hidom Aquarium Vac & Siphon SC-100

    Aquarium Gravel Battery Fish Tank Vacuum Syphon Cleaner Pump The Hidom SC-100 is a powerful aquarium gravel cleaner and water siphon. A simple push of a button and the SC-100 Aquarium Vacuum jumps into action. The side bag makes it easy to trap debris or...

    MSRP: £10.95
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  • Interpet Gravel Cleaner Group Image Interpet Gravel Cleaner Medium Image

    Interpet Gravel Cleaner with Self Start Siphon

    Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner With Unique Self Start Siphon Designed specifically for easy cleaning of aquarium gravel, the simple self start priming action ensures the gravel cleaner is easy to use with no hassle - a must for any aquarium owner! Once...

    £4.85 - £12.99
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  • Interpet Plant & Ornament Cleaner Image

    Interpet Plastic Plant & Ornament Cleaner 100ml

    Interpet Plastic Plant & Ornament Cleaner 100ml Makes up to 50 Litres of Cleaning Solution Plastic plants, ornaments and other fish tank decor end up covered in algae and other organicmatter, which make them look unsightly and over time start...

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  • Python Eco Cleaning Cloth -  Image 1

    Python Eco Cleaning Cloth

    Python Eco-Cleaning Cloth Prior to initial use, rinse the Python Eco-Cleaning Cloth with warm water to remove any residue still present from the manufacturing process. Make sure to wring out the Python cloth very well after rinsing as an oversaturated...

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