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Air Pumps

Air pumps are an essential piece of equipment for your aquarium or fish tank and most fish will benefit from them. By pumping air down airline to an air stone or under gravel filter you will create a current that carries the water to the surface where it will interact with the atmosphere expelling carbon dioxide and taking on oxygen.

If you see your fish gasping at the surface it is a sure indication that your aquarium or fish tank requires additional aeration via an air pump.

We stock a range of aquarium air pumps from the industries leading manufacturers and suppliers such as Hidom, Interpet, Tetra and Superfish.

There are differences between air pumps and you need to consider the following:

  • How many outlets do you need? You can purchase a twin outlet and therefore run for example an ornament in addition to an airstone
  • Do you want to be able to adjust the flow rate up or down? Some pumps feature a flow control for this purpose
  • The pump will make a certain amount of noise, from the motor running and due to the bubbles from the airstone, would you rather pay for a more expensive pump which offers lower levels of noise?
  • Is energy efficiency a concern for you? Individual product details will state the power of the pump


We recommend that you always use a one-way air valve (check valve) with any aquarium air pump. This will prevent water siphoning back down the airline in the event of a power cut or when the power is switch off. 

Although all our aquarium air pumps come with a fitted 3 pin UK plug, many do not come with the airline and airstone required. However we do sell these separately within the Air Pump Accessories section.