Seachem Purigen Aquarium Filter Media

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Purigen High Quality Organic Aquarium Filter Resin

Purigen removes organic waste from aquarium water which if not removed would convert into harmful ammonia and nitrite and eventually nitrate. It is a synthetic adsorbent that works at a rate of 500% above other aquarium filter media to leave your aquarium with sparkly clean water.

What makes Purigen Filter Media so good?

Purigen is not an ion-exchange resin and has a far greater ability to absorb nitrogenous compounds with an un-paralleled capacity to store this waste. The huge capacity of Purigen to hold organic waste is due to its unique molecular structure. Unlike other filter media resins which are spherical in structure, Seachem Purigen is macroreticular and spherical in shape with microscopic pores that give a far greater usable surface area than other filter media.

How do I know when Purigen is fully absorbed?

Once full Purigen will turn black. As Purigen absorbs organic impurities its colour will gradually change from its original pale blonde colour becoming darker brown and eventually turning black. When this happens you can regenerate Purigen by soaking it in a solution of one part bleach to one part water for 24 hours. This process must be carried out in a non metallic container and a well ventilated room well out of reach of children. This bleaching will burn off the absorbed organic waste. Once bleached you should rinse the Purigen thoroughly and then re-soak it in water with a couple of tablespoons of Prime or other type of dechlorinator added per cup. 

Purigen Features

  • Superior activated carbon subsititute.
  • Polishes aquarium water to a crystal clear clarity.
  • Clear cloudy water.
  • For use in both fresh and saltwater aquarium filters.
  • Significantly increases redox reading.
  • 1 litre treats up to 4000 litres for up to six months.
  • Exhaustion indicated by a colour change.

For complete details please read the instructions on the Seachem Purigen packaging.


Reviews (3)

15th Jun 2014

get clear water

excellent product works a treat

Sergio 25th Dec 2013

Best filtration product

This stuff is magical. I had my water slightly tinted due to bogwood. It polished the water in 24hs. Absolutely fantastic. The product I received came in a sealed mesh bag containing 100ml, that should be able to treat up 400 litres. Fits perfectly in my internal filter.

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