Jebao Jecod BF Pressurised Pond Filter & UV

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JECOD Jebao Bio Pressure Filter For Koi Fish Ponds

Jecod is Jebaos new line brand, which offers reliability and efficiency at great prices.

This multi stage pressure filter offers biological, mechanical and UV filtration to both clean the water and clear it of green water, with the added possibility of being buried due to it working under pressure (as opposed to gravity filters).


  • Complete with two different grades of sponge media, bio balls and integrated UV lamp
  • 5 meters of outdoor cable (please note there is no plug fitted as this contravenes certain building regulations)
  • Back flush system making the cleaning of your filter trouble free
  • Cleaning indicator lets you know when the filters need cleaning
  • Inlet/Outlet hosetails should be cut to size but all take 20/25/32/40mm hose

The maximum flow rate for any filter generally speaking, is half the volume of your pond per hour.

Pond capacities quoted are generally for lightly stocked ponds in shaded positions. As a very general rule of thumb, a filters' capacity is halved if you have a pond in full sun or have heavy fish stocks and is reduced further if you have a pond in full sun much of the day and heavy fish stocks, so please bear this in mind when choosing the right filter for you. Our specifications quoted below are guidelines only as each pond is unique, but when in doubt we would always urge you to buy the next model size up.

How It Works

STAGE 1 - Water is pumped in to the filter (pond pump not included) and runs through coarse and fine filter foams to extract floating debris (mechanical filtration).

STAGE 2 - Bioloigcal filtration starts when the water reaches the bottom of the filter where the bio balls provide a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria are vital for converting harmful amonia and other toxins into healthy nitrates.

STAGE 3 - Finally as the water is passed upward through the centre of the filter it passes over a UV clarifier where the UV lamp (included) kills the algae which causes green water, before being returned to the pond.

As the water leaving the filter is under pressure, it can be sent uphill to, for example, a waterfall if required, giving an added advantage over the traditional gravity box filters.

BACK - FLUSH Facility

Jebao have designed this filter with ease of cleaning in mind. When the cleaning indicator shows red (instead of green) the filter needs cleaning. Simply twist the knob on the top to CLEAN and water will exit the filter via the 'Dirty' Water Outlet.

TOP TIP: Attach a hose to the waste outlet and put the water over your garden, extremely good for plants!


Pond Size (Shaded, Light Fish Stocks)
Pond Size (Full Sun, Light Fish Stocks) *
Pond Size (Full Sun, Heavy Fish Stocks) *
Max Flow (Guide Only)
UV Rating
How Lid Attaches
Dimensions (W X H)
6000 litres
3000 litres
1500 litres
3000 LPH
Using clips
343mm x 440mm
9000 litres
4500 litres
2250 litres
4500 LPH
Using clips
343mm x 500mm
12000 litres
6000 litres
3000 litres
6000 LPH
Using a clamp ring
413mm x 491mm
15000 litres
7500 litres
3750 litres
7500 LPH
Using a clamp ring
413mm x 591mm

* Guideline sizes only



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