Bermuda Pond Pixie Spitter - Ornamental Water Feature

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Bermuda Water Feature Statue - Pond Pixie

Bermuda pond pixie spitters are a fun way to add sparkle and michievenous to you pond or to create a focal point. The range of poolside Pixies are collectables so make great gifts.

They can be used just as a purely decorative ornament anywhere in the garden, or alternatively as a water feature when connected to a Bermuda pump (not included). Pump required is a 770 water feature pump (BER0057)

Bermuda spitters are beautifully detailed in a hardwearing resin material for maximum durability.

  • Fine detail crafted in hard wearing resin with bronze effect
  • Unique and attractive water pouring design
  • Beautifully detailed
  • Hose supplied to fit to pump

Caught Short finds relief in your garden pond: Dimensions L 22.5cm x 22.5cm x H 39.7cm

Sneaky Sip helps himself to a drink when you're not looking. Dimensions L 31.5cm x 22.8cm x H 41.3cm

Topping Up collects water in a folded leaf. Dimensions: L 29.8cm x 23.3cm x H 36cm



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